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Inspired Living's Alzheimer's Program

Alzheimer's care is designed for one-on-one care by a single caregiver to keep your loved ones safe and healthy at home.

Inspired Living Home Care's person-centered Alzheimer's program is comprised of three distinct components that together guarantee the very best in care is always being provided to your loved one. Our three key components consist of:


1.  Person-Centered Plan

The nurse specialist creates a person-centered Plan of Care uniquely designed for the client.

2.  Educated Caregivers

A highly-trained caregiver who knows the client, knows the disease process and expertly follows the Plan of Care, provides on-going care to the client.

3.  On-Going Monitoring and Updates

Continuous and frequent accessing of the client and updating of the Plan of Care is completed by the nurse specialist.


Here is how our three part Alzheimer's care program works:

Designing a Person-Centered Plan of Care

“Care focused on the uniqueness of the individual”

getting to know the background and history of Alzheimers patients to better assist them in providing superior home careTo begin our process, the Inspired Living Nurse Specialist gets to know who your loved one is and the life that they have lived.  This is accomplished through the nurse meeting with the client, family, physician and others to learn the client's life story and family history, as well as past and present successes and difficulties the client has experienced through the progression of Alzheimer's.

Our nurse will then carefully craft a Plan of Care unique to the needs of that individual. A truly person-centered approach to care that takes into account the individuals experiences, personality and functional abilities.

Our customized Alzheimer's Plan of Care will include detailed guidelines and instructions for the daily care of your loved one. The nurse specialist will cover the following subject when developing a Plan of Care for your loved one:

Coping with the Diagnosis






Sleep Problems

Home Safety



Activities in the home

Activities in the community

Long Term Planning

Visiting the Doctor

Coping with Holidays

Hallucinations and Delusions

Driver's License Retention

Visitation from Family & Friends

Thoroughly Educated Caregivers

"Our high standard in training leads to high quality in care."


continuing education for caregivers lets us keep up with best practices in home careOur training program is in a word, outstanding. Inspired Living Home Care's Alzheimer's education and training program far exceeds and surpasses the standard State of Florida's required curriculum for home care providers. Our staff are amongst the best in the industry because we target our focus on both education of the disease and training on how to proficiently carry out the duties outlined in the client's person-centered Plan of Care.

Inspired Living's staff and caregivers receive a comprehensive education designed to provide a complete foundation of the diagnosis, progression, treatments and care needs associated with Alzheimer's and associated Dementias.

Next our staff is trained in using their comprehensive understanding of Alzheimer's and dementia, along with a detailed knowledge of the client and his/her life, to correctly implement the client's Plan of Care for the maximum positive benefit.

member of the AEDA, Alzheimer's Early Detection AllianceInspired Living Home Care has developed our Alzheimer's care program from information, research and standards published by the leading national and international organizations on Alzheimer's, including:

• National Institute on Aging:  www.nia.nih.gov/alzheimers

• Alzheimer's Association:  www.alz.org

• Alzheimer's Foundation of America:  www.alzfdn.org

• National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners:



On-Going Monitoring and Updates

“The best Plan of Care is an up-to-date Plan of Care.”


careful monitoring of Alzheimers and dementia at home patients for their safety and protectionThe last and one of the most diligent elements of our Alzheimer's Care Program is the continuous monitoring and follow-up provided by our nurse specialist. Inspired Living Home Care is alone as the only home care company in the Tampa Bay area providing such a high level of monitoring, updating and supervision of home-based Alzheimer's care.

Our nurse specialist will visit the client on an on-going basis, a minimum of every two weeks. The continuous monitoring and accessing of the client's well-being physically, functionally and behaviorally will allow the nurse to anticipate and react to the progressive nature of Alzheimer's and appropriately update the client's Plan of Care to meet the client's changing needs.

The high frequently of nurse visits also provides for the closest supervision and plan specific education of the caregiver you will find in the entire home care industry.

As a complete process, Inspired Living Home Care's Alzheimer's and Dementia care is the highest quality care you can provide for your loved one.




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